Mycro "Impact" Hurling Glove
Mycro "Impact" Hurling Glove
Mycro "Impact" Hurling Glove
Mycro "Impact" Hurling Glove
Mycro "Impact" Hurling Glove
Mycro "Impact" Hurling Glove

Mycro "Impact" Hurling Glove

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Once again, Mycro supplies an industry leading product with their Mycro Hurling gloves. A high quality neoprene-style material coupled with a tactile, breathable mesh make this glove fit like...well, a glove! Protects your hands from hurley contact and softens the blow of the sliotar as you take it out of the air, the Mycro Hurling Glove is a great choice for those looking to protect their hands in matches and training. 

Available in left and right handed as well as short finger and long finger. Sold as a single glove for your catching hand. 

SIZING:  Measure around your entire hand at the thickest part (right at the base of your thumb).  17-19 cm is a small, 20-22 cm is a medium, 23-25 cm is a large, and 25-27 cm is an extra large.  If in doubt, size up.  

NOTE: We're actively restocking on all of the short finger gloves, but we aren't currently restocking on the long finger variants.  We do have some in inventory (which is accurately reflected here) but it'll be a few months before we add to what we currently have.  

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