About Us

Founded in 2010, American Hurling has always strived to bring the highest quality hurling, camogie, and gaelic football products to the North American market.  Originally, our founder, Stephen Quiqley, was sourcing, felling, milling, and shaping ash for American-made hurleys.  When he stepped away from the business, we shifted our focus away from hurley making and towards importing the premier gaelic sports' brands from Ireland to North America.

Our relationships with these makers allow us to keep a large inventory of products locally, reduce shipping rates, and get products in the hands of customers exponentially faster than they can be ordered and shipped directly from Ireland.  

As we've seen our business grow, we've begun introducing our own line of high quality products to our storefront. We've enjoyed watching the growth of gaelic sports here in North America and we hope to continue doing our part to facilitate and encourage the success of these games well into the future!