Speed and Service: The American Hurling Difference

Speed and Service: The American Hurling Difference

We know that you have options when it comes to getting the equipment you need to play the games you love. We wanted to write this post to convey what we're doing to make American Hurling an extremely compelling choice as your personal source for gaelic sporting goods.  

SPEED: We know that it sucks to place an order for something and it take weeks (months even, in most cases) to arrive. When gaelic sports were first taking root in North America, there were virtually no options that didn't take these extended periods of time to get into the hands of players here.  

This was the issue at the core of the foundation of American Hurling. If we could stock these items stateside we could solve a number of logistical issues in the process; we could lower both our cost for shipping from Ireland by ordering in bulk, and lower our customers' cost for shipping by keeping this second leg of the journey domestic. This was an instant win/win. 

Perhaps more importantly though, we're able to reduce the amount of time between an order and a package showing up on your door from months down to a matter of days. In a market where the game is growing in popularity at an exponential rate (making player retention a constant struggle) having readily available gear is a must.  Additionally, in a sporting climate where equipment is more likely to break (we're glaring at you, southern heat and humidity) being able to get a replacement for that broken hurley before your next weekend practice is priceless.  

We know that there are still players and clubs out there that pride themselves on getting equipment shipped directly from Ireland; if that's you and you don't plan on considering the alternative, then we certainly wish you well!  What we can promise is that we take pride in the equipment that we sell and our relationships with the makers.  When we tell you that we're working to stock and sell the premier brands in the game to our North American market, we mean it.  We hope you'll give American Hurling a try on a future order and we'll do everything in our power to live up to that claim.  

SERVICE: An unfortunate fact about the e-commerce required to keep gaelic sports running here in North America is that we're reliant upon the shipping carriers that we have at our disposal.  Equipment breaks in transit and packages get lost...it's just something we have to put up with.  The question lies in what do you do when that composite hurley you ordered from Kildare arrives with a puncture in the bas?  It took over a month to get here! What about when you order some ash and a few sliotars from Kilkenny, but the bag gets a rip in it and the sliotars end up on the floor of the postman's car, never to be delivered?  Order a few more and hope those get here before the end of your season? Pick up tennis as a new hobby instead? What if you need a new chinstrap for your helmet before a tournament on Saturday?  Or your club needs a new set of sliotars because you keep blasting points into the lake behind the goal? 😎

Now I'm starting to sound like a Billy Mays Oxi-Clean commercial here, but you get the point.  Logistical problems get magnified when you need gear fast, something needs to be fixed, or parcels get lost or damaged in the post.  

We stand behind our products and will do whatever necessary to fix any problems you may have with the equipment we sell.  We'll get you back in action ASAP and we think that that level of service is a valuable part of what we offer here at American Hurling.  

Like our catchy tagline says, you play the fastest game on grass, so why not go with the company that provides the fastest shipping in the game? 

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