A Note on Grips

A Note on Grips

Good News: We're now offering ALL of the world class hurling grips on the market. 

Bad News:  It just got slightly more complicated to pick which grip you want. 

This post is an attempt to help alleviate the bad news.  

As you've probably seen, we now offer the Lightning grips, which are considered the undisputed leaders in the sport, in addition to the Karakal grips we've always had.  The Lightning grips come in 4 varieties (2 in each length), however, so it gets more complicated from there.  We'll break it down:

Standard Length Grips:

Karakal PU Super Grip:  Our original offering, the PU Super Grip is 112 cm in length.  Available in both the single color and the beloved duo-color (generally based on Irish county colors) the Karakal will continue to be a part of our daily options.  

LS Sportif Lightning Standard: At 112 cm, the standard Lightning grip is a pound for pound competitor to the Karakal.  It boasts a similar softness and feel, as well as the same-color embossed logo that you've come to know and love from the Karakal PU Super. 

The LS Sportif Lighting Standard Grip 

LS Sportif Lightning Color Embossed: Also 112 cm, the color embossed Lightning Grip has the same feel as the Standard Lightning, but offers a logo that is both embossed into the grip itself and then colored with a contrasting color.  Everything else is the same as the Standard Lightning. 

The LS Sportif Lightning Color Embossed Grip

XL Length Grips:

LS Sportif Lightning XL:  Now we're getting down to what we've heard that you really want; grips designed for hurling that extend further down the handle of the hurl.  Well we've got you covered here too.  The Lightning XL grips are all color embossed, but they're also 28 cm (close to 11 inches) longer than their standard counterparts (and 11 inches longer than any grip that we've offered up to this point).  We're talking the same superior tack, softness, and comfort, but in a longer length.  There's no wonder this has become the gold standard in purpose-made hurley grips. 

The LS Sportif Lightning XL Grip

LS Sportif Lightning XL Deep Cushion: Lauded as the ultimate hurling grip, these Deep Cushion grips are the newest addition to the already heralded Lightning line-up.  Intended to be less flashy and more professional, the Deep Cushion grips boast the same extended length as the regular Lightning XL (140 cm) but have the standard same-color embossed logo instead of the embossed and contrast colored logo available in the regular XL version.  These grips have a deeper pad to them, giving them a softer feel than the standard Lightning XL.

The LS Sportif Lightning XL Deep Cushion Grip

It's a matter of feel as to which grip you will prefer, but American Hurling is proud to present the "gold standard of hurley grips" to the American market. We hope you love the increased optionality these provide. 

So What Does This Mean?

Well, if you've found your way to this post then hopefully not much, as we'd love for you to know exactly what you want before you begin your checkout process.  That said, the customization questions on our product pages is going to change.  When you're purchasing a new ash hurley, you'll first be asked if you want your hurl gripped (same as before): 

Easy, yes. 

Next, you'll be asked if you want a standard length or an XL grip.  Standard will bring you to the color swatches for the Karakal PU Super (both single and duo-color are lumped into one here), Lightning Standard, and Lightning Color Embossed.  You choose your color from there and the prices will vary according to grip type.  

Choosing XL will bring you to the Lightning XL or the Lightning XL Deep Cushion.  Again, color swatches and prices will vary depending on the grip type you choose.  

We know this complicates the operation a bit, but we're extremely excited to offer even more customize-ability to our offerings and, hopefully, a better end result to you, our customers.  We'd love to hear your feedback and we thank you for your continued support of our endeavors here at American Hurling!

 The Lightning XL vs the Lightning (color embossed and standard)

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