A splinted hurl.

Give us your tired, your poor.

Your cracked and clashed ash,

The hurls that they say will play no more,

Send these, the unusable, downtrodden, or smashed:

We will repair them and return them to your door.

We do repair hurls charging $5 for a glue up and band, $10 for a splint and double band. We charge UPS shipping on the return and will include this fee on your paypal invoice. Though you may have other orders being processed, repairs are billed, shipped, and dealt with separately. The more you send the better your shipping rate will be.

Sample: For a dozen hurls sent UPS, you will ship them for 15$ That's just over 1$ per hurl each way. 

We only repair splits up the bas; if a hurl is cracked in two on the shaft, it is best that the hurl donated to your local pub. We will advise as to whether a hurl that is sent is worth saving. It is up to you if you want it shipped back. If you want to make the repairs yourself, check out our North American Hurley Care Manual and buy a pack of bands as they are the most malleable you can find--we guarantee it. Contact us here.

*If you are a Canadian citizen, please email us your order and address and we will send you a Paypal invoice including shipping.

American Hurling Company