Cultec Hurleys

Sizing: The average GAA intercounty player is 5'11" and uses a 35" Hurl.

Cultec Junior and Senior Hurleys

Synthetic Hurleys Engineered for the Future

From $32 to $47

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32" Cultec


30" Cultec






24" Cultec (Available in white only.)

Sold Out! Dec 20


26" Cultec

Color and Price

28" Cultec

White is Sold Out! Dec 20

Color and Price



 The Cúltec Hurl

-was designed and developed to further enhance the game of hurling through the application of synthetic materials just like hockey, tennis, and other sports.

-is the result of over five years design and development, combining tried and tested space-age materials with the very latest manufacturing techniques in arriving at a hurley with all the positive characteristics of an ash hurley but without any of its limitations.

-through innovative design, produces a smooth, accurate and consistent stroke. Its large and forgiving Sweet Spot ensures predictable and repeatable results.

-has a constant specification, is resilient and durable and offers a higher degree of safety.

-is finished in an attractive modern style and is available in a variety of colours. Easy on both hand and eye, its feel-good factor could maximise your advantage.

-Comes with a black Cultec grip.The Cultec Hurley also comes with a revolutionary new ‘End Cap’.
Feel free to order another grip color below if it suits you!

*If you are a Canadian citizen, please email us your order and address and we will send you a Paypal invoice including shipping.

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The Greater Trochanter on your side is the place to mark (where the femur connects to the ...hip bone...and the...)

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