Ten Years On!

We started making hurls ten years ago when we couldn’t get hurls here in the States. That first summer we made some two dozen in the first batch in the garage behind the house. When we had given those away we made more batches and still more until the making and the repairs became a night and weekend job and we knew it was time to sell.

Those first hurls were half the size they are now—and twice as heavy! While lots of things have changed, we’re still here. We’re still doing it. And we are ever humbled to stamp our name to the ash.

Two moments stand out for us this year. The first involved Indiana University winning the first collegiate championship. Tim Fick and the Indiana students worked hard to get themselves a championship this year, and we are proud to have played a part in coaching several of these players from high school to college.

The second moment also regards club development. For us, the GAA is our community, so we're proud of the work so many individuals have done in just one short year to make hurling a big success in South Carolina.

As it has been for us, we hope that the GAA brings you the same opportunities to build community and lasting friendships.

Oh--and it took us all of ten years to get on facebook! We'd appreciate it if you'd like us.

-J. O'Coigligh and Sons







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