A Note of Gratitude in 2010

Its been an eventful year to say the least!

What stands out most in 2010 are our feelings of gratitude—we are humbled to be writing this letter to you. This is not a letter listing our accomplishments as in other years, but one of thanks and admiration.

Over the month of July, our family moved the business from Indiana to Greenville, South Carolina. Stephen set up shop in July and trained with Atlanta Clan na Gael in August. He then flew to Chicago over Labor Day to compete in the Junior B National Championships for his home club, Indianapolis GAA. Unfortunately, he suffered a career ending injury from an awkward collision in his first game of the weekend.


The Indy GAA and the Atlanta GAA both gave generously during this time. From visiting him bedside, calling and emailing words of encouragement, and raising funds for our family's medical bills. It is true what they say...that when you play GAA, you have a community waiting for you wherever hurling and Gaelic are played. To all who gave so generously during those GAA fundraisers, we are in debt to you.

Family, friends, and neighbors kept our family and business going when we couldn't have done it alone. Without your generosity, understanding, and support we wouldn’t have the spirit requisite to be making hurleys today.

Thank you,

J. O’ Coigligh and Sons






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